Camera control + capture software for photogrammetry

Our software technology software + architecture  is currently the fastest option on the market for photogrammetry. With the proper hardware, you’ll get all of your 200 raw files within a minute, and your preview frames are going to appear within a few seconds. We manage to achieve these performances by using a remote client on multiple distributed affordable computers (Raspberry Pis). Installation is simply, and you never have to access those computers. This allows you to control all cameras from a simple web interface. From there, you can change camera settings, trigger, download files and preview your frames.

There is no external triggering system needed. Everything is managed by the usb connection.


Precise USB triggering (no trigger box needed ) Web based system (runs off your local server) Touch screen enabled Advanced file naming presets Api support Multiple preview frames (on multiple devices or on a single one) Awesome dashboard Raw or Jpg shooting Easy camera numbering Monitoring panel Works with most modern Canon DSRL cameras Auto backup on external drive Auto focus + focus fine tuning from the software


Software license pricing

< 100 cameras —- One month: 499USD / One year: 2499USD
< 250 cameras —- One month: 699USD / One year: 3499USD



  • Q: How does the software license work?
    A: The first time you launch the system, you’ll be asked for your credentials. Once entered, select your valid license and then you can start working in the app

  • Q: Do I need internet to run the software?
    A: Xangle Camera Server runs off your local server, meaning that you don’t need internet. But you’ll need to be online to validate your licence (once every 24h, if you turn on the app)

  • Q: Can I use my license on multiple computers?
    A: Yes, but never at the same moment. You’ll need to log out from one computer to be able to log in to a second one

  • Q: Do I need to use Raspberry Pis to run Xangle Camera Server?
    A: No, you can also use our Windows client to distribute your network along Windows machines instead of Raspberry Pis, but you’ll then need an external trigger system (Esper Triggerboxes for example) and the download speed is going to be drastically reduced

  • Q: Is there a way to try the software?
    A: Yes, you can fill this form to request a trial version (4 cameras, works with or without Raspberry Pis)

  • Q: Where can I find the online documentation for Xangle Camera Server?
    A: There is no dedicated documentation for the photogrammetry part of our system, but everything you need to know (installation, Raspberry Pi setup, etc) can be found right here:

  • Q: What kind of support / training do you provide?
    A: We provide online support through our Zendesk account for the software itself. There is an option for one-to-one training, but this is only about the software and network (how to setup an optimal network, how to use the software, various optimizations). We don’t provide support/training for photogrammetry related items (how to place cameras, how to generate 3d renders, how to build a structure)

  • Q: What camera models does Xangle Camera Server supports?
    A: We support most cameras from the rebel and full frame line of Canon cameras. We use mostly the SL1/100D and SL2/200D in our studio, but the system has been intensively tested with 1100d, 1200d, 1300d, 600d, 650d, 750d, etc.
    ***NEW: we now support the EOS-R, EOS-RP, G7X Mark III and G5X Mark II ***

Required gear

Raspberry Pi architecture (example for 24 cameras)